1. He's still wearing the Verdoux look. Henry Desire' Landru, the real bluebird wife killer was ugly. He actually looked deranged physicaliy, as if pregnant moms of the era he was born too mistakenly took the wrong 'cocktails' or tonic too.I like seeing Charlie settled down at home with a swingset in his back yard.(other offering). Oona must've been very patient with him. I good his bipolar episodes calmed. More than a few state he was as different people at times.It tickled me that he had 8 kids with 8 kids with Oona as he was later often worried about a performance problem. Every fifty-something man should be so lucky as to have a vivacious nymph move in on him uand refuse to leave.

  2. There is this one photo of Charlie on his European tour. Theyve brought Marlene Dietrich out for a welcome to Germany news op. Her expression is that of the suave woman of the workd, infinite in her wisdom of the dynamics between the sexes. Our beloved Charlie on the other hand looks a little tired, as if he is reflecting on an night with her….when his 'charms' failed him. Actually you could insert much dialogue into imaginary caption boxes above each of them. Their countenences are Priceless. But, maybe its just me. I always see Charle as Pan and the trouble he's caused whenever he's in female company outside of marriage.

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