Friday, December 6, 2013

Behind-the-scenes footage of Chaplin directing City Lights

Filmed c.1929 by Chaplin's friend, Ralph Barton, this footage not only shows Chaplin directing one of his most famous and beloved films, but it also shows us a side of his personality that we don't normally see. For instance, in one scene we see him vent his frustrations on his Asst. Director Harry Crocker (who was later fired from the production), in others we see him spitting, chewing gum, and looking annoyed and preoccupied. All the while, he is dressed in his Tramp outfit, although he's not acting very Tramp-like. Additionally, there is some great footage of the Chaplin studio grounds, fellow cast and crew members, and a cute clip of Charlie clowning in front of the camera.


  1. I like the ending where he slowly shifts from walking like the Tramp into walking like Charlie.

  2. This is cool. I had seen bits of this video but not the whole 8 minutes. So, all the cars and people in the background: are they all planned and part of his set or was it also just some folks who got caught on camera like in his early years? Lovely music Charlot!

    1. This is at his studio so nobody is there that isn't supposed to be there. The people in the background are either cast or crew. The cars are part of the street scene at the beginning of the film.

  3. Thanks again. Nice that the YouTube uploader dubbed."Eternally" into the soundtrack. That was the score for Limelight. I can imagine a little girls bedside music box with a ballerina dancing atop twirling to Eternally.