With Paulette at the Mocambo, July 1942

Although they supposedly “divorced” a year earlier, Charlie and Paulette saw a lot of each other during this period. One Hedda Hopper column from November 1942 reported them sitting in a “love seat” at the premiere of Paulette’s film Forest Rangers. It’s possible that they briefly got back together. Although it seems he was more interested in making another film with her (Shadow & Substance maybe?) According to the Julie Gilbert book, Opposite Attraction,  a contract was drawn up in May 1942 between Charlie Chaplin, “Producer” and Paulette Goddard, “Artist.” This contract, which is still in existence, was only signed by Charlie. Paulette was evidently lured away by a renegotiated contract with Paramount which gave her much more freedom—and money.


  1. With that 40's hairdo she looks so different – her facial expression almost looks like Bette Davis. Charlie's having a good time!

  2. You know, I always get a kick out of what Paulette said in that Gilbert book in reference to the trouble Charlie had with Hollywood during this timeframe. To paraphrase, she was talking about how angry she was that Hollywood was crucifying him, and how talented he was and so on, then she veers into talking about the Joan Barry scandal and she says something like…"It's normal to have a girl up to the house for dinner! What they do afterwards is all under the heading of "sport"…but all the trouble because he had an affair with a ghastly girl! Really, I was quite surprised at his taste." I love that last line Paulette throws out there.

  3. I haven't read the Gilbert book yet, but in a review I read a reference to an interaction Paulette had years after her split with CC. Someone, I can't remember the name, invited her to attend a screening of Chaplin's shorts. Reportedly, Paulette replied, "No thank you, I've seen enough of Charlie Chaplin's shorts." Me-ow!From Carrie

  4. So did she break off with good terms with Charlie or did they end just as bad. I know she teased him in the press alot but it also seems like she defended him alot as well. I'm just curious because I know Mildred and Lita (especially Lita) didn't end well. And I know even the "fairytale" romance between Oona and Charlie had its fair share of issues.

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