THE ADVENTURER, released October 22nd, 1917

This was Chaplin’s last film for Mutual, it also marked the last film for Eric Campbell who was tragically killed in a car accident in December 1917.

I went a little crazy with screenshots on this one.

Charlie is Convict #23 (aka “The Eel”). He will play another escaped convict (again #23) in
his last film for First National, The Pilgrim (1923).

Eric Campbell with Edna Purviance.

On the left is Chaplin’s long-time secretary and “Man Friday,” Toraichi Kono.
Kono also had a bit part as a chauffeur in A Day’s Pleasure.
Rumor has it he is a face in the crowd in The Circus.

In order not to be recognized at the party, Charlie draws a mustache on his picture in the newspaper
to make himself look more like Eric Campbell. 
This won’t end well.
Charlie realizes the ice cream has gone down his pants. I’ll end it here.

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