Happy birthday, Jackie Coogan (October 26th, 1914 – March 1st, 1984)

Jackie at the Chaplin Studios.

On the set of The Kid.
Chaplin wrote the following about Jackie in 1921:
“What first attracted me to the boy was a whimsical, wistful quality, a genuineness of feeling.
 He is the lovable child carried to the nth power, yet endowed with not a little
of the self-consciousness of an artist and with a hundred resources as an actor.”
(Chaplin, “The Marvelous Boy Of The Movies,” Vanity Fair, January 1921)
“The Kid” visits the set of Modern Times, c. 1935
Jackie and Charlie Chaplin, Jr. with whom he appeared
 in the 1958 film High School Confidential.
Charlie and Jackie meet again during Charlie’s return to America in 1972.

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