Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Chaplin arrives in New York for the premiere of The Great Dictator, October 12th, 1940

This was Chaplin's first visit to New York in nearly ten years. He arrived at LaGuardia Field via an American Airlines transcontinental flight--his first. He disliked the experience so much that he returned to California by train. He refused to fly again until the early 1950s.

Paulette Goddard did not accompany him to New York but arrived via Mexico, where she had been visiting artist Diego Rivera. Nor did they stay in the same hotel. Charlie took up quarters at the River House with his pal, Tim Durant, while Paulette stayed at the St. Regis. The only appearance they made together was at the film's premiere on the 15th. Following that, Paulette returned to California, and Chaplin stayed on in New York for the next four months "to play." Telling one reporter: "I'm a very tired old man badly in need of rest."

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