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In my post* about the 90th anniversary of the premiere of A Woman of Paris, I said that I didn’t believe Edna was at the Los Angeles premiere of the film. Just today when I was looking for information about the New York premiere, I found an article about the L.A. premiere and Edna WAS there but Chaplin himself was not. Elsewhere I have read that Chaplin deliberately hogged the publicity for this film and didn’t support the actors, etc., which is clearly not the case. The fact that Chaplin chose to be absent from this premiere shows that he wanted Edna to have her well-deserved moment in the spotlight.

The following is from the Oct. 7th, 1923 issue of the Chicago Tribune:

*I have since updated this post.


  1. he had his moments when he was just a decent guy allowing the leading lady her well-deserved evening of glory. (and then there were the moments when he force-fed her bucketloads of beans)

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