Two Chaplin films on TCM this month plus loads of other silent films, “The Story Of Film,” and Alfred Hitchcock on Sundays!

The Kid and City Lights will be shown back to back next Monday night beginning at 12:45AM (sorry East Coasters).

Hitchcock’s The Lodger (1926), which is on TCM tonight at midnight (EST), features Reginald Gardiner (Schultz from The Great Dictator) in an uncredited role. As I type this The Birds is on TCM which features Tippi Hedron who was also in A Countess From Hong Kong (other actors who worked for both Chaplin & Hitchcock include Nigel Bruce, Isobel Elsom & Norman Lloyd). Chaplin and Hitchcock knew each other personally, although I’m not sure when they met exactly. Hitch also attended a couple of Circle Theater performances (he closed his eyes during one play and later told Sydney Chaplin: “I wasn’t asleep. I see through my eyelids.”) I also read once that he really liked Chaplin’s 1923 film The Pilgrim.

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