World Tour Revisited: With Maurice Chevalier in the south of France, summer 1931

Top & bottom photos: Voila, May 26th, 1934

    Excerpt from The Intimate Charlie Chaplin by May Reeves (Chaplin’s companion during much of his world tour:)

We were often in the company of Maurice Chevalier & once we spent an entire day with him and Yvonne Vallée in his luxurious villa at Cannes …. Behind his villa, Maurice had installed a bowling alley and established as a rule of the game that the person who lost  must present himself before an altar erected in the back of the garden and press a button. A double door then opened, and one had to kiss the statue of the saint who emerged. Having lost in my turn, I saw the magic door open: a fat woman lifted her skirt and offered me her backside to kiss, and, to satisfy the taste of the master of the house, I had to comply. 

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