World Tour (1931-32) Revisited: Charlie arrives in the Netherlands en route to Berlin, March 8th, 1931

On the evening of March 8th, Charlie left England aboard the SS Prague and arrived on the continent in the Hook Of Holland (where he is pictured above)Here he boarded a train to Berlin.

In A Comedian Sees The World, Charlie fondly remembers his journey through the Dutch countryside:

Holland has a distinct character different from any other country, with its canals and windmills and stubby trees all uniformly pruned with their branches turned upward. At various stations there are for sale wooden Dutch shoes filled with chocolates and prettily tied with blue ribbons. These I purchase to send to friends.The Dutch countryside is neat and tidy. Nothing looks out of place. And what a tremendous number of cyclists along the road! Bicycles are everywhere.

Tomorrow: Charlie’s overwhelming reception in Berlin.

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