World Tour (1931-32) Revisited: London premiere of City Lights at the Dominion Theater, Feb. 27th, 1931

Charlie’s guests were George Bernard Shaw and Lord & Lady Astor (Ralph Barton is facing Charlie on the left.)
 When the film was over, Shaw said, “The little fellow is a genius whom none of us has properly appreciated.”

Dominion Theater program
Charlie takes a bow following the premiere.  He told the audience:
“It would be silly to say how much I feel all this emotion. This has been a wonderful triumph for me,
coming home to my own country like this. Some day, perhaps, when I have a few more gray hairs
I may sit down quietly and write it all down in a book about my life.”

After the screening, Charlie held a party at the Ritz-Carlton. Winston Churchill was among the guests.  He danced with several ladies but he was most intrigued by a dancer named Sari Maritza, who, along with her friend, Vivian Gaye, had attended the premiere as guests of Charlie’s press agent, Carlyle Robinson. She became his constant companion until he left for Berlin two weeks later. 

Winston Churchill at the City Lights premiere party.
City Lights party: Vivian Gaye is second from let, Sari Maritza is on the far right,
Carlyle Robinson is standing behind her. 
Charlie with a chef at the Ritz-Carlton

World Tour Revisited: I follow Chaplin on his 1931-32 tour of the world. 

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