1. Wow! Color!! He looks great! He was a very distinguished man. Hard to believe where he came from.Love your work here. =)

  2. i've always loved this photo. it's just such a shame that he was such a sucessful dodger when it came to being photographed in colour. it's not like there wasn't any colour stock at hand even as early as the thirties.

  3. I just watched "His Gal Friday" on TCM this afternoon. This photo was taken about a year after it was released. One of the best photos of Charlie ever…thanks!

  4. It's such a pity that there's no video (as far as I know) that can capture the color of his eyes. They must have been very dark and in all the ones I have seen they look like brown or black

  5. There is some color footage of Charlie as an old man in the documentary "The Gentleman Tramp." It's not the best footage to see his eye color but you can tell they are blue.

  6. Thank you for pointing this out. Did you mean the part near the end which includes he and Oona walking away like in Modern Times? I did not notice his blue eyes in it, I definitely will have to watch again 🙂

  7. No, there is a part before that where he is sitting in the living room of the Manoir listening to music from the PAY DAY soundtrack.

  8. One of my favorite photos. Wish we could see his eyes better. His blue attire really set off his good looks. I think this is the same night where a photo of Paulette dancing with a woman who was in the picture "the women" was taken. Charlie and Rosalind were wearing the same clothes

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