Charlie & Paulette at Players in Hollywood, 1943

This was Charlie’s first meeting with his ex following his remarriage to Oona O’Neill. (Photo courtesy of Lisa Stein Haven).


  1. Is that the emerald and diamond bracelet? I hadn't noticed it before! I've read that it was a gift (along with matching earrings) from Charlie when she lost the role of Scarlett O'Hara.

  2. You are correct! I saw those pieces (there is a brooch and earrings as well) completely by accident at the Legion of Honor in SF about 7 or 8 years back. I was there to see a DaVinci portrait and it was crowded so I went to look at some jewelry exhibit. I was stunned to see them in a case! They are gaudy gold with emeralds and diamonds – BIG, too. And yes, apparently a consolation gift for losing the role of Scarlett.

  3. Wow, that adds all kinds of question marks! She wears the jewelry he gave her to this "reunion"? A coincidence? Kind of interesting, no?

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