100 years ago today

Source: Linda Wada @ Edna Purviance–Chaplin’s Leading Lady

“Sunday, January 26, 1913 – Fred Karno Company, with Charles Chaplin, were in San Francisco getting ready to perform a Sunday afternoon program at the Empress Theater. This was Chaplin’s fourth trip to San Francisco and was one of his favorite cities.

Chaplin first came here in 1911 (not 1910, as he said in his Autobiography). Unlike London, San Francisco (like the other western cities) all looked new to him. Especially San Francisco, since they were just in the first few years of their recovery from the April 1906 earthquake and getting ready for the 1915 World Exhibition. 

Chaplin also said, San Francisco was a great place for cheap prices and food. It was the city that introduced him to Frog’s Legs, Avocado pears (known as just Avocados today) and Strawberry Shortcake. 

The food is still there, but the cheap prices are long gone…”

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