Mary Pickford in Sparrows (1926)

I am attending a screening of this film tonight here in my hometown, Lexington, KY. The film will feature live organ accompaniment by silent film composer/accompanist extraordinaire, Ben Model.  I couldn’t be more excited.


  1. You'll love it as I did upon seeing it at the Castro Theatre in SF a few years back. Stunning on the big screen. Completely stunning.

  2. How exciting, Jess! And Ben Model is brilliant; I got the chance to see him perform his musical magic at the AFI Silver here in the D.C. area last Saturday for the 1922 Sherlock Holmes. Enjoy!!

  3. Enjoy! Is there a local group in Lexington that sponsors events like this often? My kids and I have been trying to figure out how we can see some silent movies on a big screen with a real audience. I think it would be a totally different experience. (We are in MN in the Twin Cities.)Carrie

  4. Silent films are rarely shown in Lexington, so this was a real treat (I had a great time, by the way). Besides checking your local newspaper, silent film forums and blogs are also another way to find out about upcoming events. I could do a better job of posting film screenings on here as well. Seeing a Chaplin film (or any silent film) on the big screen is an experience I highly recommend for any fan. This is how the films were meant to be seen.

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