Chaplin family Christmas card, 1964

Below is an alternate version of the photo. Charlie, Oona & the kids are all “reading” from My Autobiography which was published the same year.

I believe Oona is lying on the same couch in the photo below, which is from Jerry Epstein’s book Remembering Charlie. Jerry claims this is the couch that was featured in City Lights. Charlie liked the couch and kept it in his home in Switzerland (it appears to have been reupholstered at some point).

The original couch:


  1. I always thought, too, it was the same as the one in City Lights. But now that I scrutinize the City Lights sofa pictured here, I see it has a completely differently-structured back, and appears to have longer legs, with some ornamentation between them. What say you?

  2. I noticed that as well. We can only assume that Charlie told Jerry Epstein that it was the same couch. It could easily have had different legs put on it. The arms look the same. Perhaps the back was changed when it was reupholstered, but I'm clueless about such things.

  3. It's entirely possible. It's amazing what some talented artisans can do. In such a case, though, it involves more than upholstery.I think it would've been entirely in character for Charlie to have wanted to recycle a treasured piece of furniture. Nowadays, it's difficult to even find someone who can do this, and if you do, the work is extremely costly.

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