On December 12th, 1912, Charlie was touring the western U.S. on his second tour with the Fred Karno Company. I don’t know of his exact location on the 12th, but here is a review of his performance in “The Wow Wows” from a Butte, MO newspaper from Dec. 8th:

Archie is here. His coming to the Empress theatre is a
most interesting event for Archie’s presence there means
a thoroughly good time for all patrons ….
Archie is really Charles Chaplin and he is the lead-
ing comedian in the big act produced by Fred Karno
and known as The Wow Wows, or “A Night in a Secret
Society.” The latter part of the title begins to throw some
light on Archie and what he does. Many patrons imme-
diately will recall on reading it that Mr. Chaplin made
a tremendous hit here as Archie in A Night in a London
Music Hall and Archie in A Night in an English Club. The
way he used to fall out of the box in that London Music
hall sketch and the funny pantomime work he did in the
other production–well Archie certainly was one great
big scream.
This time Mr. Chaplin has a new departure. Instead of
pantomime work he has a speaking part as well and thus
the question that often was asked as to what kind of a
speaking actor he would be has been answered and most
satisfactory at that.*

In almost exactly one year, Charlie would begin his contract with the Keystone Company.

*Butte Miner, Dec. 8, 1912, reprinted in Dan Kamin’s The Comedy Of Charlie Chaplin: Artistry In Motion

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