Charlie with H. M. Horkheimer, president of the Balboa Studios, c. 1918

The above photo was taken at Balboa on the same day as these more commonly-seen photos with Buster Keaton below. I believe these photos were taken on the set of an Arbuckle/Keaton film (although Arbuckle is not in the photos).

Chaplin Studio manager Alf Reeves is between Charlie and Buster.
 Horkheimer is in front next to Charlie. Lou Anger, Roscoe Arbuckle’s manager, is at far right. 

Charlie, Lou Anger, H.M. Horkheimer, & Keaton

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  1. According to the original inscription on the back (which mistakenly identifies Alf as Houdini!, the other two are Mr. Steckham(?),Balboa Press Agent and Al Gilmore, Arbuckle's butler.Phil

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