1. She said their marriage was terrible since day 1, but unlike the picture you posted above – where she looked really unhappy – this one here shows a kind happy Lita. I wonder – if all the things she wrote were true, as I believe they werere – why Charlie would do something like that to anybody, especually his wife.

  2. I agree there were exagerated details in Lita's book. But I meant the fact he was cruel to some people. And many people said that about Charlie. As for Lita, I don't believe she was a saint, but we must agree he had much more experience about life than she did. How could he have sex with a woman and not be worried about pregnancy? He had concerns about diseases, but apparently he wasn't worried about becoming a father. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan, but he had serious flaws. But I still love him anyway. =)PS: It's awesome you have this blog, where we can discuss Charlie's achievements and lofe. Good job!

  3. Like everyone, Charlie had flaws. He didn't seem to think of the consequences of his actions, especially in sexual matters. He was very childlike when it came to women getting pregnant. I remember reading somewhere that when Joan Barry got pregnant the second time (& eventually had a second abortion), he told someone, "How does this happen?" (or something lto that effect). Really, Charlie? He did have more life experience than Lita, but I don't think she was as naive and innocent as she claims. He didn't force her to do anything she didn't want to do. She was much younger, but it wasn't uncommon for girls to get married at 16 in those days, and to older men. Charlie did have a cruel streak. I think a lot of people, especially women, thought Charlie in real life would be the same as the onscreen Charlie, but he was not. He was a much more complicated and serious person. Thanks for the comments about the blog!Jess

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