Saturday, October 27, 2012

Directing A Day's Pleasure, 1919

Charlie directs a group of black jazz musicians in a scene from A Day’s Pleasure which was filmed aboard a rented boat in San Pedro, California. Cameraman Rollie Totheroh was able to achieve the effect of a rocking boat by attaching a pendulum to the camera, which is visible in both photos. It should also be noted that Chaplin paid the musicians top daily salaries for their work.

I always find the photos of Charlie where he is in makeup but without a mustache to be a bit odd. 


  1. Lovely photos!~ He does look very different without his makeup on :3

  2. I know what you mean, Jess. When he's in makeup but sans mustache, he looks androgynous; it's kind of jarring. He's got a Ziggy Stardust thing going on with that look. ;)

    1. All he needs is a bright red wig and some platform boots :)

    2. You two have just given me an idea for a new manga character. ;)