“Panacea in every sense of the word”1

Charlie, Paulette, & Charlie, Jr. aboard the Panacea, 1940.  Chaplin purchased the Chris Craft 38-foot cruiser in the spring of 1933 as a surprise for Paulette. He had previously owned a yacht called the Edna P. (after Edna Purviance) and had considered naming his new yacht the Edna P. II but decided upon Panacea, a name he thought every boat should be called. When Charlie and Paulette split in 1942, she was given the yacht as part of her settlement.

1Charles Chaplin, My Autobiography, 1964


  1. Wow Jess I never knew the story of Charlie and the boat named Edna, men usually call a boat by the name of a woman they adore, not putting myself over:) but Dave sometimes teases me and calls me a "brat" if I'm being stubborn about something and told me if he had a boat he would call it "bratty brat":)

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