Charlie with Hal Roach, Thelma Todd, & Mervyn Leroy

Below is a non-watermarked version of this photo, but it just doesn’t do Charlie’s bathing suit justice. It appears that his “bulge” has been airbrushed out.


  1. Good God! (to quote Chaplin himself) I don't need to be looking at that…so why am I? You continue to post photos I have never seen – that's why I check in.

  2. I knew this is where I would find you all:) Very interesting back story to this photo Jess…all of these years we have been deceived….I love the look on his face.

  3. Not trying to nitpick because you have some SUH-WEEEEEEEEEET photos, but I’m like 99.9% sure that Hal Roach isn’t in that photo.

    But it was cool seeing Charlie and Thelma in the same photo.

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