1. I wonder what Edna is showing Charlie for him to make a face like that, he looks so little out of his tramp costume and you can really tell how Edna had a fuller figure, his romance with Edna proves that he did not just find small, brunette and small chested women attractive, did you ever notice and I think Rita touched on it that Edna never seemed to wear a bra, she was well endowed, I wonder if they had regular bra's then or if you had to be laced up into a corset? The strange things I ponder…

  2. Maybe bras in those days didn't give you the support that modern bras do.Charlie didn't always date small women. Lita looks very full of face on the set of "The Gold Rush". I think May Collins was described as being "plump" & Charlie describes Joan Barry as a "big handsome woman" and admits to being attracted to her "upper regional domes".

  3. Thanks for posting this picture. I saw it in a book once, and have tried to hunt it down but couldn't. I love the expression on Charlies face.

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