Charlie & Sophia Loren at a press conference for “A Countess From Hong Kong”, November 1965.

After Sophia was offered the role in the film, Chaplin showed up at her home with flowers and the script. As was usual, Chaplin acted out every part for her; she was “captivated”, and would have played the role “if what he was reading were the London telephone directory”.


  1. I always look at pics of him with Sophia and he really seemed fascinated by her, not in a sexual way and I'm thinking that her and Oona were good friends and they were one of the few people that knew about her and Carlo Ponti her husband, Sophia really epitomizes a woman that ages naturally, of course Italy admires older woman not like our shallow country. Funny story, I met Dave at 37 and a year later I said to him "where is this going? If no where than I have to hit the bricks I am running out of time and I don't want to be some sea hag hanging out at a bar":)

  2. Charlie is probably wishing he were 30 years younger! Patrice Chaplin (Michael's former wife) wrote in her book that Oona was jealous of Sophia and thought she was "too Italian with Charlie". But I think she was alone in her opinion because everyone else thought they got along well and were very chummy. I'm glad you didn't become a sea hag!

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