Discovering Chaplin

Rest In Peace, Mildred Harris (November 29, 1901 – July 20, 1944)

Mildred was Charlie’s first wife and mother of his first-born son, Norman Spencer Chaplin, who died three days after his birth.  Many years later, Mildred said that the only thing she remembered about being married to Charlie was that “he cried when the baby died”.


  1. She had a sad life towards the end, Charlie never seemed to have any hard feelings towards her..reading in his bio last night – he wanted to really give the marriage a try.

  2. There is an interesting article written by her in Peter Haining's "Legend Of Charlie Chaplin" where she claims that they would have never divorced if the baby hadn't died and how sweet Charlie was to her when she came home from the hospital.

  3. It was a beautiful act on his part. It is dificult to find anithing about his marrige with Mildred. I, particulary, think they liked, but she wantend very attention, and averyone knows that for Charlie, the work was first.<3 this blog

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